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A Soothing Alternative That Does It All!

It Hydrates. It Moisturizes. It softens. It protects and heals. Yes you can give your skin the love and care it deserves with luxurious body lotion made with a natural formula and free from nasty chemicals, ideal for even the most sensitive skin or troubling skin situations.

We’ve made our Lauricare Natural Lotion scented with coconut orange - so you can enjoy smelling fresh, clean, and like you’ve just stepped off a sun-drenched beach.

There’s several great things to love about this hygienic and premium lotion.

Hydrating: The non-greasy formula is truly hydrating- It locks in vital moisture to revitalize the skin barrier so that your skin looks healthier.

Moisturizing: The plant powered lotion also deeply moisturises your skin, leaving it soothed and healthy (no more dry patches!)

Softens: Lauricare will leave your legs, arms, and torso silky smooth.

Protects: Made with Lauricidin, the gentle formula helps to protect our skin’s barrier through friendly bacteria that will fight any nasties that your skin may come into contact with.

Here's What 1 Happy Customer Had to Say!

“My daughter has really enjoyed the comfort this product has given. This has made her skin much easier to deal with.”- AC

The specific formation is designed to really hydrate, leaving the skin soft and smooth. This fast-absorbing deep moisturizing intensively nourishes your skin and lasts for 12 hours – with no sticky skin feel.

✅ 180 pumps per bottle

✅ Plant based

✅ Cruelty free

✅ Parabens free

✅ Suitable for all skin types

Natural Body Lotion

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