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Lauricidin® Benefits for Professionals

Are you a health professional interested in the benefits of Lauricidin®? Here’s your chance to join the thousands of industry professionals who recommend Lauricidin® to their clients and patients. Our network is full of professionals across many specialities including nutritionists, chiropractors, MDs, naturopaths, DOs, and more.

Health professionals can apply for an account and get full access to our exclusive services. We build long-lasting partnerships with practitioners across disciplines to help reach new people who could benefit from our products. With your help, we can bring Lauricidin® directly to those who could directly benefit from its wide ranging potential uses.

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    We offer pricing discounts built for all practice sizes, as well as in-store or online sales.
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    All health professionals are set up with an easy-to-use personalized shop that can be shared directly with patients.
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#1 Trusted Source of Monolaurin

Health professionals worldwide trust and recommend Lauricidin® to their patients who are looking for the benefits that pure monolaurin can provide.

Highest Quality & Lowest Cost Per Serving

Our formula contains 95% Pure Monolaurin, with no filler ingredients or common allergens such as coconut or gluten. We strive to make our products affordable at a low cost per serving with discounts available as well.

Broad Spectrum Benefits

From immune system defense to skin health and more, Lauricidin® may help address a broad spectrum of common health challenges. Many have experienced positive outcomes from taking Lauricidin® daily.*

Inspiring a Wellness Community

Lauricidin® has inspired thousands of health professionals to recommend it to their patients for wide-ranging benefits.* These include nutritionists, chiropractors, MDs, naturopaths and more. We’re proud to partner with health professionals around the world to help bring Lauricidin® to families and individuals of all ages.

Pure & Natural Ingredients*

Highest Quality Monolaurin*

Flexible Dosing*

Family Safe*

No Fillers or Additives*


See Who Recommends Lauricidin®

Dr. Dustin Cheney, DC, DABCI
"As an avid believer in natural health, Lauricidin® has proven consistently to be my go-to solution for hundreds of patients with a wide variety of health challenges."
Dr. Dustin Cheney, DC, DABCI
Dr. Megan A. DeBell, MD
"We use Lauricidin® in our protocols to support gut overgrowth and dysbiosis. We find it gentle and effective."
Dr. Megan A. DeBell, MD
Marsha Sendar, MSPT, MSHS, CNC
"Lauricidin® has helped many of my clients support and maintain their immune systems*."
Marsha Sendar, MSPT, MSHS, CNC
Dr. Deborah Gordon, MD
"I’ve been recommending Lauricidin® to many of my patients over the last five years to help support their immunity. It has been a game changer for my practice."
Dr. Deborah Gordon, MD
Dr. Corey B. Schuler, DC, CNS
"I rely on Lauricidin® for my most complex cases. My patients appreciate the broad range of uses and fast results. I can use Lauricidin with my favorite broad spectrum botanical products or as a standalone approach."
Dr. Corey B. Schuler, DC, CNS
"We have used Lauricidin® in our Clinic for over 15 years & it is our GO-TO Immune Product!"
Dr. John Pittman, MD
Dr. Cindy M. Howard, DC, DABCI
"Lauricidin® is the most potent form of monolaurin that I have used. I recommend that my clients take it daily to support their immune system."
Dr. Cindy M. Howard, DC, DABCI