Natural Toothpaste

Bye Bye, Fluoride and SLS!

Look, we all know brushing our teeth is important, but let's be real: who wants to fill their mouth with a bunch of nasty chemicals? Enter Lauricare™ Natural Toothpaste, the badass fluoride-free, SLS-free toothpaste that is literally the very best keeping your teeth sparkling clean because of how it is formulated and the ingredients we use.  It's time to ditch those chemical-filled toothpastes and make the switch to Lauricare™ Natural Toothpaste. With its powerful Monolaurin and all-natural formula, it's the naturally perfect way to keep your teeth clean and healthy without any of the harmful ingredients.

Your Smile Deserves the Best!

Lauricare™ users have been raving about this toothpaste like it's the best thing they've ever tried. One customer says their sensitive teeth are now a thing of the past, while another swears their teeth have never been or stayed whiter. And with Lauricare™, it's not just about the results – it's about the journey. Users love the taste, the texture, and the fact that it's gentle on their gums. 


Natural Fluoride Free Toothpaste

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