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Lauricidin® is a natural supplement derived from coconut oil that benefits the whole family.

Recommended by Health Professionals Worldwide

Why Choose Lauricidin®

Highest Rated

Thousands of Customer Reviews & Top Ratings

Widely Acclaimed

University, Government and Independently tested since the 1960s.

Unmatched Quality

We offer the highest quality monolaurin available.*

Flexible Intake

30mg mini pellets to help individualize your daily intake levels.

Family Safe*

Everyone in the family can benefit from Lauricidin.® *

Pure & Natural

Uniquely derived from Lauric Acid in coconut and palm oil.

No Fillers or Additives

No artificially added colors, flavors or synthetic ingredients.


Free of coconut, gluten allergens and more.

Great Absorption

Easily digested and absorbed for max results*

Key Benefits for Optimal Health

Lauricidin® May Help

Immune Defense*

Promote a Strong Immune Defense*

Gut Bacteria*

Support a healthy balance of gut bacteria*

Yeast Levels*

Maintain healthy levels of yeast*

Skin Health*

Promote healing properties for the skin*

Recommended By Thousands of Health Professionals Worldwide

From coast to coast and continent to continent, thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide recommend Lauricidin® to their patients and clients. If you are a healthcare professional, we welcome you to connect with fellow industry peers who have experienced the results of working with Lauricidin® first hand. Create a healthcare professional account or search within our Health Professionals Map to find local professionals near you.

Connect with Health Professionals who have experienced the results of working with Lauricidin® first hand. Search within our Health Professionals Map to find one near you.

Hear What Top Professionals Have To Say

Dr. Corey B. Schuler, DC, CNS
"I rely on Lauricidin® for my most complex cases. My patients appreciate the broad range of uses and fast results. I can use Lauricidin® with my favorite broad spectrum botanical products or as a standalone approac..."
Dr. Corey B. Schuler, DC, CNS
Dr. Kristine Tohtz, DC. LAc, MsAc, DABCA, CACCP
"I was introduced to Lauricidin® as a student intern and saw the power this supplement had on many conditions. It is the only form of Monolaurin I use in my office because it's potency and efficacy are well research..."
Dr. Kristine Tohtz, DC. LAc, MsAc, DABCA, CACCP
Dr. Jennifer Wood, NP-C, CCN
"I first used Lauricidin® as part of a botanical protocol to support my skin, gut flora and immune system.* In six weeks of support my skin was glowing, I felt strong, vibrant and at the top of my game in terms of i..."
Dr. Jennifer Wood, NP-C, CCN
Dr. Dustin Cheney, DC, DABCI
"As an avid believer in natural health, Lauricidin® has proven consistently to be my go-to solution for hundreds of patients with a wide variety of health challenges.”"
Dr. Dustin Cheney, DC, DABCI
Dr. Deborah Gordon, MD
"I’ve been recommending Lauricidin® to many of my patients over the last five years to help support their immunity. It has been a game changer for my practice."
Dr. Deborah Gordon, MD
Dr. Megan A. DeBell, MD
"We use Lauricidin® in our protocols to support gut overgrowth and dysbiosis. We find it gentle and effective."
Dr. Megan A. DeBell, MD
Dr. Elizabeth Laffay, DO
"We love the Lauricidin® products as a healthy option for our clients."
Dr. Elizabeth Laffay, DO
Dr. Cindy M. Howard, DC, DABCI
"Lauricidin® is the most potent form of monolaurin that I have used. I recommend that my clients take it daily to support their immune system."
Dr. Cindy M. Howard, DC, DABCI
"Lauricidin® can be a part of any detox program. It is economical and can be used in high doses. Whenever in doubt - try Lauricidin. If you still have problems - call me!"
Dr. Mike Norman, DC
Marsha Sendar, MSPT, MSHS, CNC
"Lauricidin® has helped many of my clients support and maintain their immune systems*."
Marsha Sendar, MSPT, MSHS, CNC
"We have used Lauricidin® in our Clinic for over 15 years & it is our GO-TO Immune Product!"
Dr. John Pittman, MD

Because We Care

Med-Chem Labs, Inc. was established in 1966 by Dr. Jon Kabara PhD and proudly offers Lauricidin®, a nutritional supplement for better health and self-healing. We are a family-oriented company that cares deeply about making a positive impact on the world through improving the health of all those we serve. We strive daily to foster a wellness company our employees, partners and customers can always be proud of supporting.

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