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This product has been quite wonderful for healing my digestive system. I highly recommend it!

Los Angeles, CA

Borrowed some from a friend while traveling; stopped digestive problems, perhaps related to eating food with unknown bacteria or parasite; now I will always keep it handy while traveling, especially.

Dearborn, MI

I take it regularly or use as needed. This soothes, helps balance digestive system to avoid upset. Wish I knew of this years ago.

Felicia A.
St. Petersburg, FL

I've only been taking this for a couple of weeks but already have noticed a difference in my digestion, my energy and how I feel. I will update as time goes on but for now, I'm sold!

Ian G.
Phoenix, AZ

I have used this product for digestive issues and had great results. Was recommended by our nutritionist

Kelly H.
Sandusky, OH

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Jackie WarnerFNP-BC, IFMCP

I have seen amazing improvement in clients' overall sense of well being. The improvement in energy is the most impressive. I love that this product is safe enough for children and can be used over a longer period without side effects.I am beyond grateful for this product

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Dr. Corey Schuler, DC, CNS

"I rely on Lauricidin for my most complex cases. My patients appreciate the broad range of uses and fast results. I can use Lauricidin with my favorite broad spectrum botanical products or as a standalone approach."

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Dr. Dustin Cheney, DO

“Lauricidin has proven consistently to be my go-to solution for hundreds of patients with a wide variety of health challenges*. Thank you for the support you have given me and my patients for many years.”

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Dr. Deborah Gordon, MD

"I’ve been recommending Lauricidin® to many of my patients over the last five years to help support their immunity. It has been a game changer for my practice."

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Learn about the historic journey of Dr. Jon Kabara - our founder and pioneering biochemist who discovered monolaurin in 1966. Also get to know the full story behind the makers of the #1 Lauricidin® brand and see what the company is up to now.

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