Plant Power

All Lauricare products are not only free from toxic ingredients, but they’re designed to be super nourishing and nurturing to your skin and body. All with the incredible power of plant-based ingredients!

Natural Skin Barrier

Designed around our signature supplement Lauricidin ingredient, all products in the Lauricare range are powered by monolaurin - the fatty acid you find in coconut oil and in mother’s milk. No wonder it's amazing for skin care!

Vital Moisture

Your skin craves moisture so why not healthfully deliver immediate hydration to your dry skin and lock-in moisture all day and anytime you need. We have a product for every part of your body so dive into the goodness that is Lauricare.

Odor Fighting

Many people often feel reluctant to try a natural alternative to their store-bought deodorant, but we truly believe in the power of plants, and Lauricidin - to offer a safe, gentle, and great-smelling alternative. Made with no harsh chemicals or aluminum and zero toxic parabens? There's no reason not to try it!

Skin Healing

A damaged skin barrier (the outer layer of the epidermis) leaves harmful substances into the body and can’t hold moisture and lipids effectively in the body, leading to skin dehydration, damage and infections.

Our formulas are made to help skin renew its barrier while helping it with its protective layer.

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