Learn About

Starter Dosing

Just a few to start

Start Low & Slow

Initially take just a few pellets at a time for the first week. This gives your body a chance to adapt and reduce the chance of any mild "die off" reactions which are normal and even healthy.

Increase Up to 10-15 pellets

A Little at a Time

You should slowly but consistently increase by adding more pellets into your diet every few days.

Tip: No matter how much you are taking each time, it's best to take it 2-3 times per day!!!

Take a Quarter Teaspoon

Work Up to 1/4 of a Blue Scoop

Getting to this level may take longer or shorter depending on the severity of your needs. You can be flexible and dial in your amount up or down.

1 Full Scoop or More

Reach Your Ideal Intake Level

Continue to increase your intake a little at a time until you work up to your daily maintenance amount. The most common dose is 1 blue scoop (equal to 1 tsp.) ingested at each mealtime.

Go From Beginner to Advanced

Lauricidin® can be taken in higher amounts with no adverse effects. Many successful users increase their intake amount during seasonal challenges, traveling and going abroad and/or during times of "major life stressors".