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Frequently Asked Questions

Customers will earn 5 points for every dollar spent at and additional points are awarded for various actions like leaving reviews, sharing photos and simply for signing up!

Additional points are awarded for various actions as follows:

  •   Account creation: 25 points
  •   Newsletter subscription: 50 points
  •   Account anniversary: 100 points
  •   Uploading a video review: 100 points
  •   Writing a review: 25 points
  •   Uploading a photo review: 50points
  • Share on Social Media with #Lauricidin: 250points

You can either login here:

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Or check in the Rewards Launcher once you are logged in.

For example, 600 points you can cash in for free hand sanitizers with your order, at 1500 you can cash it in for free Deodorant or at 2500 you can get $25. Check all the rewards here.

We have an entire lineup of rewards. Starting at 1000 points can be redeemed for a $5 discount and the more points you have the more savings you can apply to your order during checkout. You can save more by participating in our special promotion days, like Rewards Days and Double Points Weekends.

It's simple. When you checkout as returning customer your reward points will automatically be available to apply to any store transactions you choose. If that sounds too easy. You are right its very easy to save and get free stuff.

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