Lauricidin® 20oz Value Pack
Lauricidin® 20oz Value Pack
Lauricidin® 20oz Value Pack
Lauricidin® 20oz Value Pack
Lauricidin® 20oz Value Pack
Lauricidin® 20oz Value Pack
Lauricidin® 20oz Value Pack
Lauricidin® 20oz Value Pack

Lauricidin® 20oz Value Pack

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Lauricidin® is pure monolaurin, the natural, plant-based medium chain fat derived from lauric acid. The same monolaurin received from mother’s milk – embraced by both your immune system* and your digestive tract*. 

Learn more about the benefits and results here.

  • 1 bag is about a 3-month supply
  • You save about 10% per ounce over jars
  • 3000mg Monolaurin in a single teaspoon (Over 185 Servings Per Bag)
  • Health Professional recommended and 100% Non-Toxic, Pure Nutrient, Lauricidin® is safe for your entire family.
  • Lauricidin® is all-natural, free from gluten and coconut allergens.
  • Our monolaurin is a natural, plant-based, medium-chain saturated fatty acid extracted from coconut oil that offers unique health-promoting properties*.
  • Airtight Bag with Zip & Seal lock
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    A Growing Community of Doctors, Health Practitioners and patients choose Lauricidin because of the broad spectrum benefits and life-changing results.

    Customer Reviews


    This product has been quite wonderful for healing my digestive system. I highly recommend it!

    Los Angeles, CA

    Borrowed some from a friend while traveling; stopped digestive problems, perhaps related to eating food with unknown bacteria or parasite; now I will always keep it handy while traveling, especially.

    Dearborn, MI

    I take it regularly or use as needed. This soothes, helps balance digestive system to avoid upset. Wish I knew of this years ago.

    Felicia A.
    St. Petersburg, FL

    I've only been taking this for a couple of weeks but already have noticed a difference in my digestion, my energy and how I feel. I will update as time goes on but for now, I'm sold!

    Ian G.
    Phoenix, AZ

    I have used this product for digestive issues and had great results. Was recommended by our nutritionist

    Kelly H.
    Sandusky, OH


    Recommended use instructions are provided with each order or specific recommendations may be made by your health provider. “Low and slow”: For individuals ages 12 and older, start with 1/4th of a teaspoon (1/4th of the blue scoop) two to three times a day with food, and slowly work up to 1 teaspoon (1 full blue scoop) two to three times a day with food. We recommend not exceeding 12 teaspoons (12 full scoops) per day and always to start low and increase intake slowly. Children three years and older may start with as low as 1-5 pellets and work up the intake more slowly.

    Lauricidin® is a pure lipid extract and has a natural bitter, soap-like taste to it. We recommend simply washing down the Lauricidin® pellets with cool water or juice which is associated with little to no taste. Lauricidin® containers may contain varying levels of residual powder that may leave a very mild taste in the mouth that is not harmful.

    Lauricidin® is nontoxic. If starting levels are too high, a patient may experience short-term (a few days to a few weeks) exacerbation of mild symptoms such as headache, diarrhea, joint and muscle pain, body aches, acne, itchy skin, mild rashes, skin flushing, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea, or other symptoms. This mild and temporary response may be likened to what is known as a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. These symptoms are normal – and even healthy. Questions should be directed to your health professional and your intake level may need to be lessened. Warning: Any serious symptoms such as cardiac irregularity; breathing difficulties; chest, lung or throat constriction; significant swelling; or other severe symptoms should be given immediate medical attention.

    Yes, Lauricidin® is the purified lipid extract from coconut oil and can be safely consumed by individuals with a coconut allergy.

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    Take advantage of years of expert research and the latest intake recommendations and tips from top experts. Your success starts with flexible dosing.