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Betty Kabara, Med-Chem Labs, CEO

Amazing Betty, that’s what people call her!  With her husband Jon Kabara, Founder of Med-Chem Labs and Maker of Lauricidin®, Betty started the Kabara Cancer Research Institute at The Gundersen Medical Foundation.  She is also a survivor of multiple forms of cancer, including breast cancer....twice. She has formed several inspiring and impactful charities. She's upbeat, optimistic and full of life.  Her Life is an inspiring testament of Faith, Hope and Charity.

Purchases this July will continue to support Gundersen Medical Foundation, Steppin’ Out in Pink, The Kabara Challenge and other favorite charities of Betty Kabara that include fighting cancer, helping the sick, caring for our veterans and countless donations to scientific endeavors devoted to ending diseases worldwide.

Betty Kabara In The News

See just a few recent announcements about Betty's Charities and learn more by searching for her on the Internet.

Betty + Gundersen Medical

In 2008, Jon and Betty Kabara made a transformational donation to Gundersen Medical Foundation to aid Cancer Research. In 2018, a 2nd gift was announced.

Entrepreneurial Institute at St. Mary's

With a recent $1.5 million donation, Betty Kabara—current trustee and longtime supporter of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota—is enhancing and furthering the university’s science and business initiatives.

Through her generosity and partnership, Kabara, a resident of Galena, Ill., will help Saint Mary’s prepare tomorrow’s students to meet the challenges and demands of the future.

Steppin' Out In Pink Podcast

Kabara Challenge Update

When a major change occurred to the Midwest District’s fundraising efforts, which resulted in losing $50,000 in funding, Betty saw an opportunity for more transformative philanthropy through a matching gift of $25,000. If a donor offered to match gifts directed to the Senior Brothers, could the $50,000 be raised in a new way? As a result, in 2015, the KabarA Challenge was born as a way to provide for Senior Brothers continued “Golden Year” needs.

The 2024 Kabara Challenge has a goal of raising $500,000 for the care of our senior Brothers. This includes a match of $250,000 on gifts up to $5,000.

Lauricidin® Charity Pink Pack

Lauricidin® Charity Pink Pack

*Free With Your Lauricidin Purchases in July.

Your participation in Pink Packs supports breast cancer research at the Gundersen Kabara Cancer Research Institute. Your Lauricidin purchases help fund cancer research, like genomic sequencing, to help the medical foundation develop innovative precision medical treatments for patients with cancer.

  • Single .75 Pink Pack Contains 7 Servings (1 tsp.)
  • 3000mg Monolaurin in a single teaspoon
  • 100% Non-Toxic, Pure Nutrient
  • Allergy Free - Free of Coconut, Gluten, Nut Allergens and More
  • No Fillers or Additives & No Artificial or Synthetic Ingredients